The best barbecued seafood and meat in Galicia

The best meats in Galicia on your palate. The best flavours from the land in your mouth.

Fame and tradition reunited in 20 years of history from our kitchen. In our Peregrina Rotisserie Restaurant in Sanxenxo you can sample the best seafood from the Ria, the most select barbecued meats and the most exquisite rice dishes.

We have room for 120 diners in a large dining room with a surface area of 180 square metres.

Our chefs will treat you to grilled seafood including grilled lobster, crab, Galician style scallops, prawns, mussels, cockles, etc.

Or, if you prefer to opt for meat, you can sample famous Galician veal, T-bone steak, grilled entrecôte, etc.

As for rice dishes, the most popular options are the mint-scented scallop and prawn rice, octopus rice and cod and artichoke rice.

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